asked: Angel Investigations or The Scooby Gang

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:/ sorry you have to hold on for other people, thanks for sharing

No problem! Thanks for your concern!

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why don’t you do birthdays?


Well… there’s no dark backstory here. I think the last time I felt like actually celebrating my birthday was when I was 17. Since my 18th birthday, I stopped enjoying the whole thing (I actually ended that birthday crying and sending all my friends away - I had this gut feeling a shitstorm was about to happen, and it kind of did, by highschool standards of course.) You know how at the end of the year you make these reflections and resolutions? Well, I usually did those around my birthday, and they kind of brought me down. Always. So for a few years I continued celebrating my birthday because everyone makes a huge deal out of it, you know, friends and family asking: “oooh, what are we gonna do for your birthday this year?”. And I went along with it, sometimes even throwing three different parties. And then a couple of years ago I decided I wouldn’t celebrate my birthday anymore. It was something that made me feel uncomfortable, kind of sad, and basically down, and I kept doing it just to please others. And since a birthday is about the birthday person, I just thought I should please myself instead.


Still, my friends and family don’t understand it and they stil try to push the whole thing on me. My friends did something incredibly sweet this year, but they made me feel uncomfortable and I kind of had to pretend I was having a good time. I know they meant well, and they wanted to make me feel good, but it had the opposite effect. 

I guess I’m not a birthday person, that’s all!


Thank you for asking!

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Ugh, if I could scan it in, I would!

Thanks again!!! It’s the thought that counts, right?

I truly appreciate it! And I will get my hands on that book eventually!!!!

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When’s your birthday? We need to get you a copy!

YOU. ARE. THE. SWEETEST! But of course…

Absolutely not! My birthday has come and gone already, but I don’t do birthdays, so I don’t accept birthday presents! (And some day I’d like my friends to actually grasp this concept!) 

(me on my birthday… that whole week, actually!)

I really appreciate you even considering to do this, but I couldn’t accept it!

However, if there was some way for someone to share their book with me, I wouldn’t mind!

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anya trying to get people to curse xander!! in “entropy”

Me gusta!!

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Anonymous said: I'm just about finished reading "Thousand Dollar Tan Line". Rumors are true: the story reads just like one of the episodes! Have you read it yet? If so, what did you think?

I’m glad you enjoyed it!!! Unfortunately, I haven’t read it YET.


I’m dying to read it, though!!! The thing is, I’m from Argentina and the book is not available here, I’d have to order it through Amazon or something, and that would be too pricey, tbh, considering I’m barely making ends meet. 

I’m glad my fellow marshmallows find it so awesome! 

So basically I’m sorry I can’t share my thoughts on the subject, but if you want you can tell me what you thought about it! Without being spoilerish, of course!

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