Oh, hello, there, gentle viewers.

Hello everyone! In case you didn’t notice, I haven’t been on tumblr for the last few weeks. As it seems, I’m on a forced hiatus: I don’t have internet access at home, and it’s a sucky situation and I can’t do anything about it other than wait. So if you don’t see any activity on my blog, please don’t think I’ve picked up my stuff and left, oh no. I’ll be back whenever this internet thingy gets fixed. And I have so many ideas to do gifsets!

So stay tuned! (Or not, you know, I’m team free will! Do as you please!)

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Happy Birthday to my dear friend lighttothelight!

Espero que hayas tenido un maravilloso cumpleaños, como te lo merecés, lleno de felicidad, amor y afecto de todas las personas que te rodean! Éste es un minúsculo gesto de mi parte para demostrarte el cariño que siento por vos, te quiero mucho y has sido un gran amigo este último año!

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Do you realize, like, some the best things that have ever come out of my mouth were written by the people that wrote that show? — Seth Green [x]

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What I don’t appreciate is being called a freak. That’s my word, and I get cranky when people like you use it.

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another meme i won’t finish ● {1/10} otps - Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane

➝ We’re slayers, girlfriend. The chosen two.

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It’s a testament to “Veronica Mars” that the movie isn’t just an exercise in fan service and nostalgia for a television show long gone. Instead, it’s a sad, sharp statement on what happens when income inequality, police misconduct and racism compound each other, and how hard it is to win even limited change. (x)

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